Its feeling a little like Christmas...

20 December 2012

Two of my favourite things at Christmas are...
the pageant / fireworks....
and the Christmas lights.

As is our normal tradition we all toddled off to the pageant together....
This year Brent took part on the Cobby club :Hungry Caterpillar" float.
He made a pretty fine caterpillar too.

Bella and Brooke loved the well as all the lollies that were being handed out.

Then on Saturday night Ian and I took the girls for a picnic tea by the river followed by some Christmas lights.

One particular display near Loxton in amazing.
We arrived just on we spent some time walking along taking it all in before the sun dropped and the lights came on.


  1. What a fun Christmas tradition!!

  2. Have a wonderful Christmas, full of fun and good cheer!