Farewell 2012.....and "Hello there 2013"

1 January 2013

Not sure why we all feel the need for some reflection and soul searching at the dawn of a new year.... but here's what's been on my mind ....

2012 was an amazing year of changes...I certainly leant some lessons and truths about my self ...so in no particular order.....and as they come to mind here goes...

I truly did reassess my life this year....
Not only did I overhaul my diet.....but my entire belief system around food and diets got a shake up as well.
I changed my entire mindset..... I'm no longer interested in calories in.....or calories expended..... I'm only interested in maximum nutrition in......and keeping up the exercise to keep my body supple...
stretched...toned and agile.

I realised I'm a sabotager...I need gentle reminders not to undo all the good work I've done.

I learnt that I need to listen to my body.....and although exercise is and hopefully will always be a part of my life.... there are also times when my body needs a little more rest.....and time for recovery. Its not always the wisest option to just push on through.

I've worked hard at my mindset.... not only about diet and exercise....but also how I feel about situations....and how I react.
I learning to let go....live more in the moment.....and to acknowledge how something makes me feel....but then allow it to slip away....instead of hanging on and over-thinking it to death.

I realised its ok if I'm not as important to some people as I thought....its ok if I'm not in the click... it doesn't really matter in the scheme of things. edited -(I just want to make it clear....because I hate cryptic messages.....that this is not in reference too....and has nothing to do with my family....beautiful friends....or blog readers.) 

I learnt that I invest far too much time into some pursuits that really don't make me happy....which leaves very little time for things that do. I am planning a bit of an overhaul on my leisure time activities this year.

I realised some things are just not worth persisting with.... we are not all created equal....some of us love Facebook and Twitter....and others don't...haha. (and yes I am secretly envious of all my friends who are always so well connected through social media...but it just isn't for me)

I learnt that I cant have everything that I want immediately....sometimes I just have to wait. So my desire to study is unlikely to begin until 2014.... we need our precious monies for other things this year instead.

So........ my plans and thoughts for next year.....
It took me to the end of the year to realise I miss scrapbooking....so I plan on taking that up again next year.

I do have 2012 to thank for setting me off on a journey of self discovery as far as foods and diet that suit me.....I would have loved to end the year confident that I am on the right path.....but I cant....so I see 2013 as the year Ill finally pull it all together.

I want to also work on the perfect exercise regime for me......I have loved the gym....and even dare I say it....my run. However I've been plagued my a groin / hip problem....and so even when I thought I was 100% fit again and resumed....it flared!! Its so frustrating....but instead of using it as an excuse to do nothing (which I did for a few months late 2012) I need to find an alternative regime for me. I am contemplating tackling a weights plan instead.

I say this every year.... so I need to say it again.....I need to simplify.... de clutter and stop my insatiable urge to Op shop.

I want to give more....and expect less.

I want to enjoy.... to the bottom of my heart....the wonderful events lining up for 2013....
We are expecting a new Baby in February.... imagine that...a new bub!!
I'm heading  back to the e2c retreat for another weekend of girly...crafty fun...cant wait.
I'm waving goodbye to my baby as she heads to the big smoke to begin University..
I'm unbelievably excited about an upcoming cruise with our bestest besties.
Then to wrap up the year.....we have Mitch and Megs wedding in November...squeal...exciting!

Just to finish up....
I stumbled across this via pinterest.....and I think it sums up my direction for 2013 perfectly...

Happy New year everyone....
Lets make 2013 a ripper.


  1. Beautiful review of the year Mardi... and BIG congrats with the news of a new bub... how precious... love the Pinterest 12 things... thank you too... for your constant inspiration... and friendship... Blog Land is such a special place... always love to visit here... and yes... here's to a ripper 2013...

    Jenny ♥x

  2. oh lovely review of 2012 mardi and you've been such an inspiration to me... I feel like this is the year for putting it together tooo....... congrats on the new baby and heres to a fantastic 2013 .....

    1. Well here is to a wonderful year of "pulling it all together" I love how so many of us made such wonderful changes in 2012.... well done us!!
      Mardi x

  3. I do have some items to tackle on the happy list. Need to stop over thinking and take better care of my body. Happy 2013.

    1. Me too....there was a few happy list pointers Id like to perfect as well.
      All the best for your goals this year.....and a happy healthy you.
      Mardi x

  4. thankyou so much for sharing your thoughts on 2012 ... I know 2013 will be super special with lots of amazing things to look forward to ... you are my bestest bestie too and you mean the world to me...love you heaps...xxx

    1. Cant wait to catch up in a few months time.... SO looking forward to it.
      Love you too xxx

  5. Anonymous4:13 pm

    Hi Mardi - this is a fab review of you and your thoughts I love it - They speak very clearly to me- I feel we run a parallel path though you are always a few steps ahead of me I m trying to catch up :) Congrats on the new bubba that's lovely news. I too have missed scrapbooking and am still unsure which way to head any thoughts??? Love to you keep inspiring me
    Tamar xx

    1. What a lovely thing to say Tamar.
      I guess for me I often read your updates....posts and comments and feel a wave of memories of having been there too....I truly know what it feels like...sometimes I get a pang of sadness in my heart.....and other times I am so damn proud of your latest achievements.

      Mmmm...well Scrapbooking..... I have really made it simple for myself this year.....I have a 12x12 album full of project life type dividers. So... I am going to scrap a double spread each month as a recap ...and then I want to do 8.5x11 layouts of any other occasions and pop them in the album in the appropriate months.
      I feel so organised....and excited.
      I plan on blogging my prepared album and thoughts in the next few days.
      Id be so thrilled to see you scrapping again too..yippee.
      Mardi x

  6. Happy New year ...and all the best with those goals...Congrats too on the new baby. xx

  7. Happy New Year Mardi!!.. and here's to hoping 2013 brings good and exciting things....you have a few already on your list!! look forward to catching up again at e2c....and as always... i am inspired by your words and your blog.xx

  8. Oh Mardi what a wonderful year you are going to have.I also am going to be a nana for the 1st time in early march and I have to say i am bursting with happiness at the thought.She is my only child so I am thrilled-love dee x

  9. Mardi it seems your post has resonated with a lot of us:) I find myself agreeing to a lot of what you are saying, and with us having our chats it seems we are all searching for the same kind of things.

    This year is also MY YEAR. Last year was about Balance and although i didn't quite achieve it i am going for it again. There are so many positive things to look forward to this year. Our family dynamics have changed so i am looking forward to hubby and I connecting even more.

    We are aware that the kids moving on could leave us scratching our heads wondering what we are going to do with the rest of our lives together. Thankfully we have already set those happy wheels in motion and we are on track to spend more time together and just reconnecting with each other.

    Id like to say that i really value your friendship Mardi and i love it when we manage to have catch ups xxxx

    1. What a lovely goal to work towsrd this year.....connecting with Hubby again.
      I know what you mean about the kids getting older....and it does take some readjustment....that is one of the things Ive really loved of late is being able to do impromptu things with Ian ...just the two of us nipping out for dinner midweek....or away for a drive.
      Its a new phase of life....and I hope to embrace that as well.

      Thanks to you for your friendship this year too Char....its nice to chat...we share a lot of similar interests with food...exercise and craft....and its nice to exchange ideas and motivation.

      Have a wonderful 2013..Mardi x

  10. Only just reading this now Mardi and like the rest of your commenters, your post resonated with me also.

    I know we have been on a similar path with the healthy eating this year and have totally changed a lot of our mindsets and habits and everything throughout the year...and I have LOVED that we can have our in depth healthy eating/living food chats. I also feel our lives are incredibly similar (although no babies here!!! - congrats again and I can't believe their baby is due in Feb...)

    You have lots of beautiful things happening this year and again, I can't believe the year has passed and Briony is off to Adelaide! And that Mitch and Megs wedding is this year!!!

    Lots of love to you my lovely friend

    1. Thank you Kim... I've loved that about our friendship this year too....
      we have always lived that parallel life....and have continued to do so...both embracing new habits last year....and haven't we had some great chats too.

      I do have such an amazing feeling about this year.....I am buzzing about it actually... I feel like a whole new me with a whole new overhaul of my thought patterns and goals...

      Thanks for your friendship too....I can always count on you to put things into perspective for me when I cant anymore...I am so grateful for that.
      Mardi xx

  11. Hi Mardi!
    What a great review of 2012 and what a fantastic year 2013 is shaping up to be, full of celebrations and good times spent with new and old friends. I wish you and your family the best for 2013.

    1. Thanks Lorraine....
      So lovely to see you pop by....I think of you often (I still have the most gorgeous stitched portrait on my desk which I love!!).
      Wishing you the very best for the year ahead as well.
      Much love...
      Mardi x