My raw edge circle quilt....

8 March 2013

Ever begin something you just aren't happy with?
Well that was me with this quilt....

I LOVED the pattern....
so generously available from Cluck Cluck

I so badly wanted to give it a shot....
that I made a start using a eclectic mix of fabrics I had on hand..

That's where the doubt snuck in...
I hated the fabrics I had chosen...
I was so over them....and I regretted not purchasing new ones.

 I had invested time into it wanted to see it to the end.

So now its finished....and although I love the end result as far as the pattern....
I am still not fond of the fabrics...
Its a little too busy...and looks a little too hotch potch to me....
Ive flung it over the couch.... and Im sure the kids wont mind snuggling under it as the weather gets cooler..
and maybe one day Ill give it some more thought....and make one Im truly happy with.


  1. It is still very beautiful and I'm sure many memories will be created with the grandbabies snuggling under this quilt..x

  2. I love it Mardi - all the colours are just fabulous. I'm sure it'll grow on you :)

  3. I love it mardi, just so scrappy...perfect :)

  4. hi mardi-its stunning.i would be so happy to be able to make something as good as that-love dee x

  5. Oh Mardi, I LOVE your quilt! It really looks like a vintage quilt to me - like one your grandmother might have made. I hope it grows on you!

  6. Anonymous8:11 pm

    I think I'd die for that quilt. Gorgeous fabric choices.

  7. I have been in that situation too. But, you know what? Those scrappy quilts are fabulous, full of character and charm! And yours is no exception! Maybe you are too close to it at the moment, given time, you will love it too.

  8. Mardi... I ADORE it... full of beautiful scrappy and vintage charm... love the colors too... hope too... that it grows on you... and thank you... I placed my order with Stuck on You today... was just wonderful to win the voucher here... it did take me a while to do the order though... so many gorgeous products xx

    Jenny ♥

  9. Well I love it!!! It's fantastic!! I love the brightness of it, I do really love it! Glad you are keeping it for your little people to use.. The colder weather is on it's way!! xxx