Stuck on you ....and the winners are....

4 March 2013

Thanks so much for the lovely comments and entires at the end of my 'Stuck on You' review....
I must was amazing to read that some of you have had name stickers that are still stuck and looking good after 13 years of school lunches!!

So.. now its time to giveaway some 'Stuck on you' happiness....

Drum roll.....
here we go.....

...and the winners are...
(chosen by random number generator by my dear friend Janelle.. who took pity on me this morning during my technological brain fart morning...haha)

Hi Mardi, great review!! I discovered Stuck on you when Darcy was a toddler.... at 13 and 11 I still use my boys stick on labels, although I have to cut off the cutsie plane picture on Darcy's!! They are fabulous and last so long would have gone through the Dishwasher thousands of times!! Can throughly recommend them and amazed at how much the range has grown!! :)

Oh they are all so beautiful Mardi... loving the gorgeous smiles on the girls faces... and how adorable is Brayden with his personalized bib... the Spot Activity pack has really caught my eye though... the illustrations are SO sweet... and I just know my grand daughter would love it...

Jenny ♥

What great products I would love the spot activity set now that the little man is in kindergarten he is interested in colouring in and drawing so how fun does this look.Also Brayden has such a great head of hair.Did the girls have it as well? such a cutie-love dee x

Hi Mardi, Id love the personalised placemats and cups for my 2 grandies,there is nothing avaiable with their names on,due to the spelling,my granddaughter is a similar age to Bella also with ringlet hair!are the cups unbreakable? mr nearly 2 would give them a test Im sure,perhaps with his own placemat he may sit in one place for 5minuts! arn't grandkids great! allthough I feel far to young to be a granny {late 40's}anyway thanx for the chance to win. Sue.

Congratulations Carmel.... Jenny....Dee and Sue... woohoo!!!!

(The lovely folks at 'Stuck on You' will be in contact with you to arrange your prize.)
Thanks so much everyone for commenting on my very first product review.



  1. Hi mardi just got my email I am so excited.Thanks very much for the chance.My LM is very excited to.He told Kev I won a prize and said it might be a then i had to show it to him what i won and he is still excited like me-love dee x

  2. Thank you SO much Mardi... absolutely thrilled... so loved the products that you blogged about... was a lovely email to come home to... congrats to Carmel, Dee and Sue too... big smiles here...

    Jenny ♥

  3. Yay!! Thanks Mardi for the opportunity to enter, I rarely win anything so just a tad excited!! Will so enjoy shopping with "Stuck on You"! You've made my day xx

  4. Hi Mardi, I am just wondering if Stuck on you will contact me directly re: prize? Have not seen an email or anything from them? Cheers Carmel

    1. Hi Carmel....
      Yes ... 'Stuck on You' will contact you.... I just need to provide them with your email address....
      If you could send it to me at 'winens5'at'bigpond'dot'com....I can forward it on to them...
      Mardi x

  5. Hi Mardi, my computer won't let me write to you privatly, so Im giving you my permission to let the "Stuck on you " people my email,
    thanx so much for choosing me as one of the lucky winners "whoo-hoo"!
    my little grandies will luv it!