Adelaide Zoo visit...

14 May 2013

Well we are home from holidays.... and my poor old blog has been very neglected.
I have so much to share from our travels....
but before I start....I really wanted to share some photos from our recent Zoo visit.

It began when we realised we would be away for Brookeys 3rd birthday...
We wanted to do something special before we left....
and as Brookey loves animals....we thought a trip to the zoo would be a lovely gift.
So....we gathered the family together...and headed to Adelaide for the day.

It was awesome....and I am so thrilled we did it ...
The girlies loved it...  they had a ball... there were happy smiles all day.

So I can honestly say.....the Adelaide Zoo was fabulous....
The animals were all so easy to see and we were able to get up nice and close...
The petting zoo for kids gave us the biggest laugh of the day when this overzealous goat continually harassed the kids trying to get the bags of chaff out of their hands. The most hilarious part was...he would flick all the chaff onto the ground and gobble up the paper bag.
He even bailed Bella up against the fence in his quest to score her bag..poor Bells didn't find it quite as hilarious as we did....I don't think eye-balling a goat wasn't her idea of fun....Brookey was more cautious...she hung back a little from the pack....which turned out to be a wise move.

We saw the Wang Wang and Funi the Pandas....who were just beautiful... as well as the Lions...Tigers...Giraffes and cutest little meerkats...among plenty of others.

 Bella was most intrigued to learn that the lions ate 'horse meat'.... she asked a few times if it was true...and I could see her little mind ticking over.

So that was our day.....
I am sure the memories of the day we all spent together at the zoo will last for many years to come.
PS: Some Holiday posts to follow....
a little about our incredibly amazing trip from Bangkok (Thailand)  to Beijing (China).


  1. Gorgeous pics Mardi. My niece is wanting to go to Adelaide zoo just to see the pandas. What a fantastic way to spend the day with family :)

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