What I wore..

24 July 2013

It arrived...
My Rummage style dress.... is here!
and I love it!
Its so soft....comfy....and the long sleeves are brilliant at this time of the year.

Mine is the Long Sleeved Scarlett dress... for those who are interested.

So I'm wearing...
...really boring stuff....and an AWESOME new Rummage Style dress!!


  1. Anonymous7:51 pm

    It's perfect and looks so so beautiful on you. I am so thrilled that you are happy with your dress. Aren't Rummage Style dresses just the best. LOVE your photos too, thanks so much for sharing xx

  2. I cant thank you enough for not only pointing me in the Rummage style direction.... but also for the beautiful yellow sheet my dress is made from.
    Thank YOU so much
    Mardi x

  3. WOW Mardi... your dress is gorgeous... and you look beautiful... such a pretty color and perfect with long sleeves... I just love it...

    Jenny ♥

  4. Thanks Jenny....it is onevof those items of clothing that just makes me feel happy.
    M x

  5. it looks wonderfully comfortable and very stylish! Looks lovely on you, that colour really suits you!!

  6. Thanks so much Jen....I think that's one of the things I like about it most...its a beautiful sunny colour.

  7. it looks so comfortable and pretty! Love Rummage Style.

  8. Gorgeous lady gorgeous dress.

  9. What a cute dress Mardi! I absolutely love the colour!!!