A little stitchy project...

23 July 2013

I have been planning these for a while...
so its SO good to finally tick them off my list... tick!

The reason for these?
The girlies love to sit at a pair of cane chairs in our family room...
They are their chosen chairs for colouring...drawing....puzzles....and even tv watching...

But..cane chairs are hard on those little bottoms...
so a couple of little cushions wouldn't go astray.

I reckon they turned out pretty good... and Bells was quick to give it the thumbs up too.


  1. Very cute - love the colours and pom pom trim :)

    1. Thanks Shandell... the pompom trim really added a bit of fun...and it was in such bright rich colours that I loved too.
      Mardi x

  2. aw so sweet and love that pom pom trim......funny! I am making patchwork seat cover for our old cane dog couch ....:)don't think mine will be as quick...the bottom seat is doing my head in....

  3. Oh Jen... yours sounds a lot more technical than mine...I stuck with easy peasy..I bet yours will be fabulous when its done
    .Mardi x

  4. Lovely bright fabrics for the girls, Mardi, and that trim is gorgeous. You are so quick with your patchwork, amazing!

  5. These cushions are so cute Mardi! Love the colours and pom pom trim!