You draw.....

27 August 2013

Having little grand-babies has been amazing in so many ways....
but one of the things I have unexpectedly enjoyed a lot is watching them develop their writing and drawing.
Bella spends a LOT of time drawing....and we have had many a giggle at her interpretations...
and subject choices....that's for sure.
I really wanted to capture just a little of this I asked her to add her writing to this page.

You draw

and here is a little of her art work....
I believe the first one is a picture of her....
The watercolour is cat in the hat...
and the tubby guy on the right with the pink ears is a polar bear....
haha...yep....I'm a besotted Nan..


  1. Love it! I have my grandies artwork all over the house too, and can't bear to part with it.

    1. Its the best isn't it Angie... especially when they bring it proudly as a gift...and take such delight in it being hung on show.
      Mardi x

  2. I just love this precious layout!! My daughter is an "artist" too!! She will draw on just about any piece of paper she sees lying around!

    1. I love that word Stephanie... perhaps she is an "artist" in the making. I am always amazed at the tiniest details she includes which often are little incidentals that I hadn't even noticed before. Its a window to their minds...
      Thanks for popping by
      Mardi x

  3. Wow I really LOVE your work!! :D


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