Jot Kids...

13 October 2013

What can I say....
Some people are so talented.... generous....and brimming with damn awesome ideas.

The lovely Lauren Hender from the talented Jot Team designed this fantastic holiday project 
for the kids...its a blog feature called....Jot Kids.
There is a beautiful rainbow coloured mood board 

as well as some beautiful free printable tags designed by Kim Archer 
(This is the girlish version.....and there is also a boyish version as well...find them here)
and the chance to win some beautiful prizes.
I think I've left it a little late to shout out the word.....but please pop in and check out the AMAZING work of the kids who have entered.
All I can say is ....we need not fear...we have some talented little scrappers in our midst.

We had a little play here involvement was really only to dig out the supplies...
every snip...decision....colour choice from there was hers.

I have to say that Bella loved the printouts... especially the butterflies.

She busied herself with a box of my papers.... scissors....glue....and about 12 feet of my washi tape.
(Here she is... in Pjs and a Santa hat....goodness knows why)

and some close ups of her layouts...

Thank you so much Lauren and Kim....
It was a wonderful holiday activity...and I know Bella and Brooke will look forward to doing lots more scrapbooking as they grow older too.


  1. yay -- well done Bella! Your layouts look fabulous!!

  2. I've really enjoyed your blog! Thanks for all the amazing posts, can't wait to see more!