Mitty and Meggles got married.

30 October 2013

19th October 2013

Our beautiful M and M got married....
It was a magical day.... the sunshine on the beach was perfect...
Mitch and Meg looked relaxed and  happy .. the only tears were joyful emotions.
They really did look the sweetest couple.

The amazing amount of work that Meg...Mitch.... Jenny and Greg had put into the day was evident by the little snippets of detail everywhere...
The flowers...
The foot wash station at the return from the beach...
The colour of the bridesmaids against the sand and water...
Megs amazing dress and headpiece...
The boys relaxed attire which suited them so well...
The gorgeous sandals and clutches worn by the girls..

My day was a little on the chaotic side....haha
With Brent and Alex both attendants in the wedding I had three little munchkins to get ready as well... 
Bella and Booka must have asked me 60 times throughout the day if it was time to put their "wedding dress and shoes" on  yet...
To say they were excited is an understatement.

Thankfully I managed to steal a few photos ...
I had taken so few.... it was one and only regret from the day actually.

The reception was AMAZING!!
The food...OMG..
The eye for details was not lost here either...
the tables were simple with the most beautiful flowers...and handmade lanterns from the ceiling...
little boxes of orange m&ms dotted the table.. along with beautiful fragrant candles..
wine and understated clear name tags.. it was so beautiful.
The cake was was moist and delicious... 
a combination of dark and white chocolate mud.

The night was sensational...
The band played amazing music.... the doors were open so we could mingle in and out...
The night was mild... there were some traditional Croatian festivities ..
Lots of laughter....dancing and a merging of families as we all came together so beautiful under one roof to celebrate the m&ms new life together.


  1. Oh what a beautiful wedding! How did they manage both casual and classy?!

    1. I thought exactly the same Yvette..... they managed to merge it was the perfect mix of both their personalities...pulled off beautifully.
      Mardi x

  2. Well you know I adore Megs headpiece. And the dress is beautiful too especially loved the sheer piece at the neckline. Oh they all look so young and beautiful! The orange dresses are so striking. Such an amazing colour on the beach backdrop. Love and best wishes to them as they begin their maried life.

    1. I thought the dress and headpiece was stunning and suited Meg beautifully too.... Meg had hinted all along that she may wear something non-traditional but apparently when she found this dress she just knew it was the one.
      Oh to be young again....
      Mardi x

  3. just stunning!! and so very striking. Congratulations to the happy couple..x

    1. Thank you so much Leanne...we were very proud of them and their day....
      Mardi x

  4. This would have to be one of the most stunning weddings I have ever seen so beautiful .I love it ..Now I sit here and wait till my daughter decides to get married-love dee x

  5. What a gorgeous wedding, so stylish and vibrant but casual as well - perfect! Congratulations to the happy couple and of course you too Mardi :)

  6. How exciting and what a wonderful day it must've been! Everything looks so beautiful. Wishing them every happiness!! xx


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