Our January

10 February 2014

Last year I had high hopes that maybe Project life would be for me..
I got through to September and then fell off the wagon...
I think I can safely say its not for me.
I found it was like having a cloud over my head ...that constant need to be up to date..
to record and keep life chronologically recorded...it was too much pressure for me.
I am in envy of those who keep it up  and turn Project Life into the most exquisite albums of memories... 
the whole concept and the simplicity..
and the beautiful beautiful albums that are created.

I'm cool with the fact that its not for me..
we all record life in our own ways... and I am happy to admire Project Life from afar.

The upside for me once I stopped stressing over PL was that I began to create for fun again.
I still love to record a snap shot of each month.... so here is our January..

The highlights...
Mitch had a birthday...
Ian and I went to Sounds by the River in Mannum
The Riverland battled bushfires..
I enjoyed some crafty time..
The kids got some gorgeous Stuck on You products..
My garden went berserk
I enjoyed some Nanny time with my beautifuls..
Briony had her wisdom teeth out..


  1. It's not for me either. I like to look at PL pages, I'm more than happy to look at PL pages, but I can't make it work as a personal project. I like your little round up instead!

    1. Thanks Sian.....its reassuring to know I am not alone.
      I am at ease with my realisation now..although it has taken time to accept that I'm better as a spectator than a participant.
      Thanks for popping by.
      Mardi x

  2. I love the idea of PL but I cant be bothered doing it,I am on my phone doing Project 365 and I am enjoying that and when I have a years worth I will put them in a digital book -love dee x

    1. I am a Project 365 lover too.....last year I printed all mine and made a mini album.... but I do love the idea of a digital book.... that's a great idea Dee.
      Mardi x

  3. The only reason I successfully did a PL album last year was that I only did a double each month. It was so easy to keep up. Weekly is WAY too much pressure and so easy to get overwhelmed. December was a big month so I did about 4 doubles. I think anything that makes life hard and too much pressure defeats the purpose, good on you for working out that PL wasn't your thing.

    1. I think a double each month would have been much more achievable....and I do want to finish off my album..so I might just make the last few months a condensed version like that too. I agree though.... if it isn't working...it does defeat the purpose so I am happy enough with my decision. Id love a catch up again one day Allie....its been far too long!! If ever you are passing through give me a shout xxx