Happy 1st Birthday

9 February 2014

Our beautiful baby boy Brayden turned one this week..
This little man is the sweetest...cuddliest...happiest boy you could ever wish for.
He is quiet.. patient and intelligent..
He loves being around family and friends... his smiles just capture your heart.
aaaaand he can crawl faster than the speed of light.

We gathered at Brent and Alexs for Saturday lunch  to celebrate.
Brayden was a little unsure with the presents.... 
but luckily he has big sisters who were more than happy to help out.
He was pretty chuffed with  his 'boy' presents...being the baby brother to two sisters has meant he is quite used to the girls toys....so to see some Tonka trucks...and boy toys was quite a novelty.
 Jarrad kept him entertained driving around the pergola in the girls car...
he looked so chilled with his arm out the window.
He enjoyed his BBQ lunch with all of the family...  it was so nice to have both families together to celebrate.
Alex was sure he knew it was his special day.
The weather was hot.....so the girls spent most of the afternoon in the wading pool...
although the cake got them out of the water in a flash.

Happy 1st Birthday our sweet boy...


  1. gorgeous boy. your family posts always make me smile Mardi.

    1. Haha....our family is so 'no frills' Lea... but that's us...and I love them. (Our 'away' family love the family posts too) xx

  2. No he cant be one.I remember when he was born has it really been one year.....I agree though he is simply beautiful -love deex

    1. I know Dee!!!!
      How can it be possible??
      They grow too quickly that's for sure.

  3. Anonymous10:56 am

    Sending Happy Birthday wishes to beautiful Brayden. He looks as cute and clever as his sisters. Your family is very blessed Mardi. Great photos of them all here, thanks for sharing with us. Have a happy day from Susan McGuire (smiles1965) xxoo

    1. Thanks for the lovely birthday wishes Susan...xx