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30 April 2014

 I was a late bloomer... I had literally zero interest in food until about 5 or so years ago. I always joked that I was 'hopeless' in the kitchen...my Mum had all the cooking genes (and she does) and had passed them onto Bubbarooney ...it was like it had completely skipped a generation. Mum would spend days in the kitchen baking... and whipping up delicious meals and Bubbarooney and then Lexipoo would soak up all she had to offer...learning all her tricks of the trade and I would busy myself as far from the kitchen as possible. That was until I found I had a real love for health, nutrition and healing through food. I realised that 'baking' is not my thing..I am not interested in the slightest about baking a cake...or a batch of biscuits....what really gets me excited is vegetables... delicious meats and salads...omgosh I love salads. Its a win win really... I have very clever daughters who can whip up scrumptious cakes...desserts and all things baked...and I can concentrate on the meat and greens.
I am now slightly obsessed with food...flavours..healthy options.."food sensitivity options" and of course cookbooks. My collection has grown and grown...and my list of "books I want" has also grown.
I have an ever growing stack of hardcover books... e-books... and favourite websites I visit over and over.

Its become confusing and over-whelming and I feel like I never utilise any of them enough. I know there are fabulous recipes within those pages that I just never got around to trying... and what is the point of adding yet another book to my pile when I have barely used any of the ones I've got?
      So....I have given myself a challenge..
Each week I want to take one book off the shelf....and plan my week from its pages...
I want to try some of these recipes ..
and record my thoughts...
 build myself a useful index of recipes I love....and heaven forbid...cull the books that just don't work for me. Now this is a challenge on top of a challenge...because as always I will need to modify and adapt to suit my crummy sensitivities... but that's life...and I will choose wisely and switch ingredients as I go.

I started this week...
we are mid-way through a week out of one of these books...and its been brilliant so far (other than a unwise food choice which gave me a migraine and GIT upset.. but at least I re-tested a food on my ?sensitive list and got a positive result...always an upside) I have my fridge stocked with lots of yummy leftovers and some more delicious meals planned for the remainder of the week. I feel really good using the recipes...and getting some value for the money I spent on this book. I will share my thoughts..success and failures after the end of the week... but I am warning you in advance... food photography is a skill that I don't possess...well not yet anyway.


  1. Don't tell anyone but I have no cook books.Kevin has a footy cook book and that's it.I think I should start collecting and using them-love dee x

    1. No way Dee... seriously...no books?? Although having said that...the internet is an instant recipe index ...anything I am unsure of I just google anyway.

      Mardi x

  2. Oh Mardi, we are so similar ,,,,,, i have been trying to decide if i should sell all the books i don't use. I have lots of Jamie Olivers, should i grab a book a week and do what you have decide and work through it for the week. Should i eat Michelle Bridges style this week or Weight watchers style, should i look for Paleo book and give that a crack or should i just shrug my shoulders, fill the fridge and pantry with ingredients that people actually have to *gasp* put together to scratch up a meal (and are too lazy i might add) and eat like that with out trying something new. Should i eat totally clean or go no sugar? Or look for those recipes on IG screen shot them and have a go at them....decisions decisions. I have been pulling out recipes from some of my magazines though and popping in a display book,,,,,maybe i will get to them this century to try :) I call it Paralysis by analysis, in SO many ways xxxxxx Good luck :)

    1. It really is hard to keep track of that's for sure. I am happy with the way I choose to eat... but I just feel like I have so many ideas... so many books...that I never know where to begin. I found my first week out of one book worked very well... I ticked a few of the recipes as 'make again' and a couple of 'not for us'. I would love to eventually have a lovely collection of go to .. tasty...healthy options..that are different to my usual repertoire. Keep in touch and tell me how you get on.
      Mardi x


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