27 April 2014

This was our March.... 
(I know these are the posts that family and friends look forward to the most...
those little everyday peeks into our life)
I sometimes feel the photos are not worthy of posting...but when I read back I am so grateful for taking the time to document these little moments regardless of how ordinary the photos are.

March was a busy month...
Henry had a birthday...
We had a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Winen...
Ian and I had a weekend in Mildura..
Briony and Jarrad cooked us dinner..
I spent 4 days in Port Lincoln at Escape2Create retreat
Had an absolute ball meeting Heidi (and Kim) in Adelaide at the Spotlight Craft Month event.
and thats just the highlights...every day was full of fun and happiness in one way or another...

and via my Instagram feed...
1. I often see these Kangaroos on my walk / run path
2. Whiteboard study at work
3. Finished off a new dress
4. Brionys growing pile of patchwork squares
5. I miss the spot where Brionys car was parked now she is back at Uni.
6. I arrived at Escape2create (I was so excited)
7.  Beautiful morning view
8. Stocking up on supplies
9. my messy table at e2c
10. Our wonderful table... it was the best...love these girls.
11. Helping Alex move into their new home
12. Sorting Braydens new room
13. Off to Court..
14. Trucking to Mildura with Ian
15. Waiting for the truck service to finish..
16. Brents Birthday
17. back to Court once again...
18. Golf practice..
19. Lex and Brayden using the internet
20. Briony is home ...kids are excited
21. Grandma and Grandpa visit
22. Showing Grandma their new house
23. Im running again..
24. Working on my Heidi Swapp memory planner
25. Little people mess
26. Mr roses
27. Riverland Fresh delivery
28. Cardiac arrest scenarios
29. Sandy and I met Heidi at Gepps Cross
30. Scrapbooking
31. Dinner in Adelaide with Mum and Dad and Briony.

...and that folks...was March.
*edited to add - I was at Court in a work capacity...not in anyway related to myself or family - just wanted to clarify that!

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