Cannonball the goat...

30 May 2014

Its not even my goat.... but I love it.
I have been so excited for Henryetta and Poolexi ... a few months ago they  moved into a beautiful home with a few acres. The home had been renovated previously and was perfect... but the yard had been let go...and unattended for some time which meant there is a bit of work to do.

Last weekend we had a little working bee in the immediate back yard.... we weeded and  re-mulched all the garden beds... altered the shape of the lawn and removed unwanted plants. Then leveled it all out and planted lawn seed. It was a huge day of digging...shoveling...raking and planting....but we all put down the tools at the end of the day feeling so satisfied.

The bigger portion of the yard also needed a clean up....and what better way than a goat!
So Brent had arranged and collected a little male goat to add to their family. He is such a sweetie... and the kids loved him immediately too.

He was feeling a little sorry for himself as he had just had the "little boy" operation... but I still got close enough to have a little pat of him.
(and yes Mum....I know....apparently I am seriously allergic to a child I suffered some type of anaphylaxis when I kissed a goat on the lips... so there was no kissing...just patting and ear scratching)

When Brent collected him he was given a choice.... he could take Ginger Ninja....or Cannonball... he chose Cannonball.

"They call her...the goat whisperer"...

..and Chook could have been a whisperer...but she rode her bike out without shoes and couldn't put her feet down because there was prickles.

I think he is going to be much loved by the kids...and hopefully a great lawn mower as well.


  1. A goat. That is so cool. I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally want a sheep. But I think that would be frowned upon in our tiny backyard.

    1. He is VERY cool....although Brent hates him....he has escaped twice already...and seems to taunt Brent with his Houdini act....haha
      A sheep would be awesome...although maybe a little large for your yard... I wonder if you can get cool would that be.
      Mardi x