27 May 2014

I just wanted to quickly add in a monthly April update before May ended....I know family love these posts...and because I am the crap crap crappest at phone calls and staying in touch....these little posts are my  way of sharing some of our news.
So in April we....

....had a family picnic day.. a lazy Sunday on the river...

...camped for Easter camping on the river... egg hunt...marshmallows...fishing... and chocolate.



Brayden finally decided he could walk
unaided..although he did like to
tag along hanging onto the girls
for awhile first.

Chookey turned 4 .. 

Bellsy had a sleepover and created an amazing piece of artwork for her Mummy...

..and also in April I recorded these moments...

1. Today was the beginning of some new habits...
2. Mitch and Meg came over for dinner....as we headed out to the Hotel..Mitch decided he would fit himself into the child's car seat.
3. Brooke had a Dora haircut.
4. Bella had a really good week at school...we are all very proud.
5. Great reading from Sandy - Thermomix raw book.
6. Family picnic day
7. a beautiful gift from Dee - some wonderful candles to try....which I can tell you were amazing.
8. Snuggles with my bubba boy
9. Breast clinic annual appointment.
10. Delicious salad for lunch at work.
11. Ooops bogged!
12. Working on my Memory Planner
13. Funny Google search " becoming a supple leopard"
14/ Bells arrived for a sleepover
15. Bells creates her masterpiece
16. Breakfast at Albas with Charmaine
17. Enjoying delicious Niche Fruits
18. The girls a little too close to the TV?
19. Camping on the river for Easter
20. Brayden loving Easter
21. Poppy and Braydog taking a walk
22. Briony cooked scrambled eggs for breakfast
23. I gave my blog a makeover
24. Finishing off some scrapbookiing for Jot
25. Ian finished off this beautiful dresser and I finally filled it with china
26. Watched the boys play footy
27. Briz heads back to Adelaide
28. Scrapbooking
29. Beautiful happy mail from Donna
30. Working on getting my memory planner up to date

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