19 May 2014

This week I followed on from last week using the same Jamie Oliver book
At the end of last week I felt as though I had hardly touched the recipes I wanted to try...and knowing that this week was interrupted with a few nights away it seemed the wisest to just continue on.

The one drawback I discovered is...almost all of the recipes call for leftovers ---be it roast meat, roast veg or excess vegetables. 
This makes it a brilliant resource for those "what on earth can I cook with this?" ,moments....but not as handy when you are wanting a quick meal and leftovers aren't on hand. We still managed to put some delicious food on our plates thanks to Jamie...and for very little expense too.

Squash Hummous - Easy...quick...incredibly cheap and "on hand" type of dish which I can see myself making to take for work lunches. I used a  mix of left over Jap pumpkin and sweet potato in mine.

Giant Veg rosti (with poached eggs and peas) -  This was a cinch....I grated my potatoes and carrots within seconds using my Thermomix (leaving their skins on) and then baked it in the oven at the same time as I roasted my pumpkin and sweet potato for the hummus. I then picked some baby silverbeet leaves and sorrell I had growing in the garden dressed them with the dressing and popped a poached egg on top...yummo. I had it for Sunday lunch but I cant help thinking it would be a delicious breakfast if I could be organised enough.

Sweet potato and spinach frittata - This is a very adaptive recipe.... a perfect leftover saver. I cleaned the fridge out with this one. I added left over roast vegies... some organic bok choy that Petrina had  bought at the markets and accidentally left behind as well as chives from the garden. I only added a tiny bit of the cheese.. and served it with a side salad of rocket. It was a winner.

Sausage Panzanella -  This was another left over beauty (yes..there is a theme here...I was on a mission to use up...waste not...this week) this was a combination of tomatoes, crunchy sourdough croutons, olives, onion, basil from the garden and left over sausage. My skin only tolerates tomatoes occasionally..and this is very tomato heavy....but it was tasty... and filling....and used up a LOT of food that may have gone to waste.

So this week is an entirely new order to Riverland Fresh is in....and I cam excited to begin.

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