26 May 2014

It was time for a change this I grabbed out "Bill Granger Every Day"  for a couple of reasons.
1. I wanted a book that had a wide range of recipes...I had an occasion that I wanted to bake for as well as the usual evening meals.
2. I had never used this book in the 6 or so years Id had it....I had originally bought it because it matched my kitchen and looked great on the recipe book stand. How sad and ridiculous.
Thankfully I can now say....I have used it...loved what we tried....and will no doubt use it again in the future.

So...the book is pretty cool in its layout...
It is divided into 7 days of recipes....each chapter representing a different theme.. and having a recipe for three meals of the day...
Mondays are energising breakfasts, glam food.
Tuesdays are start the day..packed lunches and easy weekday dinners...
Wednesdays are quick breakfasts and after school milk and cookies...and easy dinner
Thursday..breakfast on the meals and friends for dinner..
and so on...
This book covers recipes from breakfast to dinner and everything in between...and Bill also shares some of his life and story as well which I enjoyed reading.

 So what was on our plate this week...

Chorizo, Potato and red pepper Frittata - 
Minus the red pepper and with carrot added instead.
The chorizo in this added a delicious flavour....but in all honesty I think I enjoyed the Jamie Oliver one I made last week more. Maybe a little more cheese in this one would have improved it...and I'm guessing by leaving out the pepper I also left out a big hitting ingredient... it was still enjoyable though...and we ate it served with a rocket and garlic olive oil dressing.

Caramel Salmon - I must say I was petrified giving this a go....I LOVE Atlantic Salmon and we rarely eat the thought of ruining a piece if I didn't like this was a worry... of course there was no need to worry....this was delicious.  It does call for 1/2 cup of brown sugar...but I used only a little...I also halved the other sauce components (soy and fish sauce) because of my meant our sauce wasn't so generous...but the flavor was there...and it was instantly added to the 'make again' list.

Fragrant Chicken and Spinach curry - Oh this was awesome. I served it over brown rice...and the best part was the only ingredient I needed to buy was the chicken...everything else was already on hand in my kitchen. It was the perfect take to work dinner...filling...tasty...easily reheated..winner winner.

Crisp Whiting - I didn't make the salad that was part of this recipe....we just served it with good old mash and vegies. The fish was fresh from Ians Dad...and the batter recipe was simple. We had fish on our plate in the time it took to cook the mashed potato.

I also whipped up these... Berry Yoghurt Muffins

I wanted a warm afternoon tea to serve for a guest...and I had both berries and yoghurt in the fridge that Briony had left these were perfect. I love a "use up" recipe. I still have some of these in the I must make sure I get them out and serve them up this would be a shame to waste them. (I am bummed I cant eat them...even cooked yoghurt doesn't agree with me...and berries aren't my friend either.)

I would love to know if anyone is checking out their cookbooks more closely there a particular book you are loving? I am really keen to hear. If you have blogged any recipe book related posts I would love to link them in too.
Its been a wonderful self motivated project for me....I am enjoying using my books and planning our meals more closely... we have been eating well...wasting far less...and saving on our grocery bill.

Thanks so much to all those who have commented and emailed....I really love to hear your thoughts.


  1. I have a couple of Bills books including this one and have tried a few things, you have encouraged me to do a bit more planning I had Jamie Olivers 30minute meals out today but my 16mth old granddaughter kept taking over turning the pages lol will try again another day

    1. The planning has been SO helpful Jen.. although I totally understand why you put it aside until you could turn the pages yourself...haha (I had helpful harry - almost 16mths - here yesterday and today and all I've managed is to follow in his path of destruction) Can I ask.... what are your thoughts in Bills other books? Any faves of yours in this book that I should try?
      Good luck with your meal planning this week too..
      Mardi xx

  2. love reading your meal posts - how great it is to be using your recipe books and not just having them sitting on the shelf - enjoy xx

    1. I know feels really great to be using them..and it saves that "oh far out...what are we having for dinner" at the end of the day.
      Mardi x

  3. I have three of Bill's recipe books. This one is my favourite. I enjoy these posts and really I admire you for the commitment you give to everything Mardi.

    1. Oh that's great to hear Lea.... do you have a fave recipe in this book that I should try?? commitment to everything is sometimes my downfall Lea....I undertake way more than I can jam in. (as we all do..) but I am really keen to stick with this... I've been a hot and cold meal planner for years....and I know that once I am in the swing it makes life easier and frees up time for other pursuits. Thanks so much for popping by xxx