10 June 2014

How did you spend you long weekend?
We made the most of the nice weather and camped on the river.
The first night and morning were a little on the FREEZING side.... but the days were warm and the following night wasn't too bad at all.

It was so lovely to have Andrew, Petrina and kids join us....its been a long time since we all camped together. We were all there..except for poor Briony and Jarrad....who were in Adelaide for the weekend (insert a "grrrr for assignments due" face)

Nothing beats a little solitude and the hopes of catching a big cod.
(Other than a catfish I think we only caught carp this weekend)

The kids had plenty of space to roam.. 

Poor Brayden isn't entirely a fan of camping yet...
it cramps his style... he isnt free to roam.. and it mucks with his love of sleeping the days away...
but as he gets older it will get easier and easier...and I'm sure he will love it as much as the girls.

The best part of camping for kids (and adults) is the complete lack of technology... there is no television...movies.. electronic games... social media or even toys.
All the fun has to originate from their own imagination and exploration.
A bucket of water a couple of shrimp and worms can entertain for an hour or more...

Playing good old fashioned chasey... kicking the footy...and hide and seek also entertained.

I was also so thrilled to see the girls using their imagination for hours on Saturday afternoon building themselves cubbies in the bush. Jorja and Bella created really thoughtful cubbies with decorated doorways...roofs from leaves....and Jorja made cups and muffins from mud.
Brooke being younger struggled a little with the cubby building...but she happily played along...and joined in with their fun.

I thought Bellas doorway was pretty clever with all her pieces of vine hanging down like a curtain.

Jorja was the queen of the pottery... she made a sweet little set of cups...and lined up "muffins" on a piece of bark...a proper little mud tea party.

Of course there was camping breakfasts... cereal in boxes...bacon and eggs.... as well as pancakes.

The hats from Aunty Donna and Uncle Ron came in very handy... they kept little ears warm.

 The big boys fished.... 
Jack came out with the prize I think....he seemed to be in the lucky spot.
Mitch fished.... but I didn't see Megs pink rod in the water?? maybe next time...haha 

 ...and camping wouldn't be camping without marshmallows in the fire...

 So that was our long weekend....
we came home.... smelling like smoke... weary from the fresh air and relaxation...
and perhaps a little clearer in our minds ... it was a little reset for our body and soul.


  1. Sounds like the perfect family get-away.

    1. It was Jen... it had its moments though.. dirt and smoke that just followed where ever you sat....but that's camping... haha