12 June 2014

Its a wonderful feeling to be on track with my memory keeping...
I have found it such a cinch to jot down some notes ... in my own handwriting too (shudder)

I find my phone is the best tool of all.... a simple look through the camera roll and I have all the prompts I need. 
The dates....little snippets are all recorded and date stamped....all I need to do is transfer to my memory planner ....add some photos....bits of memorabilia...and its done.

There are some AHHH-MAZING memory planners popping up in my bloglines feed... I love the individual look they all have...and it really confirms in my mind that its quite ok to add as little or as much as you like.....these are my memories....recorded for my family...and that's all that matters.

So here is our May...
and yes....I did fill that spot that is still jotted in pencil...
and I also removed the paper scrap that was stuck to the page when the photo was taken....haha

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