28 July 2014

Gosh the last week went in a seems so much has happened in such a short time.
But I did want to mention that I had THE BEST time teaching a lovely group of ladies a 'Mini book class' as a fundraiser for a local "Relay for Life" team.

Its always a little off-putting standing out the front as everyone files in.... I was searching for some faces I knew...and of course there were a few....but lots of lovely ladies I had never met before too.

The mini- book involved some play with Heidis masks and there was lots of misting..
experimenting....and mess created at the 'misting table'.

I was so grateful that everyone embraced the class and made it their own. 
I am always aware when I have been asked to choose products for a class that every one has their very individual tastes when it comes to scrapbooking and my choice of the bright 'Favourite Things' papers may have not been to everyone's liking but each and every class participant just dug in and had fun which I was so thankful for.

Silly me didn't think to get a shot of all of the albums until after some of the ladies had left... but we grabbed up these that we could....and I was just SO chuffed with what had been created. How cool that from the same kit of products...we ended up with so many versions of the same thing.

I had my photo taken with Sandy and Sandra my friends...

... and of course... in hindsight...maybe I should have kept my tongue in my head...seeing as this photo was the best of the bunch in my opinion....other than my tongue of course...oops


  1. You are one amazing Lady Mardi.. What a wonderful cause and such a fantastic project.. These albums just look fabulous....xxxx

    1. Thank you SO much Sassy Scrappers for helping me put together such beautiful kits... I did mention your help to the participants on the day...and in my first blog post. It was a breeze organising it from my end with many thanks to you.
      mwah...and many thanks.
      Mardi x

  2. I love the photo of you with your tongue out! Those albums look amazing and the ladies were so lucky to have you as their teacher!

    1. You are so sweet Deb... the girls did an amazing job of their albums...lots of memories were popped into those books on the day which makes me totally chuffed.
      Mardi x


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