Blog hopping with a difference..

1 August 2014

Have you seen this going around? It's called a Blog Hop with a Difference, and the reason it's different is because there's no end to it! It will expand outwards and onwards into the big wide blog land for ever and ever and ever......(or until it stops I guess..haha).

Last week....a dear friend and a superstar of  Scrapping and Blogland ..and the incredibly talented publisher of Jot Magazine Kim Archer tagged me to join in the Blog hop...and seeing as its always nice to share the love.... I am jumping in 'boots and all' to share a little more about me...and to tag in some of my dear friends as well.

I have been asked to respond to these questions....

(and then invite three of my friends to continue on carrying the honour of the blog hop into next week)
So without further ado....

1.What am I working on right now?

Geee......had I jumped into this blog hop last week I was knee deep in a few little projects...I was prepping for a "Relay for Life" fundraiser class using some gorgeous Heidi Swapp products to create a Mini-book.

 I was also designing layouts for the upcoming "Jot Magazine" Issue 7 which is due out in September.

The other project I have been working on....and that is the current project on my desk is the very popular  'Jot Pockets' workshop that is running now (there is a waiting list for the next round too if anyone is interested). I have been loving the process of 'Pocket Style scrapbooking' as a stand alone project.

 2. How long does it take to create a project? 
If I am in the mood to scrap and on a roll I scrap quite quickly ...I may scrap 3 layouts in an afternoon and find the entire process seamless and easy.
HOWEVER....if I am not in the mood...under pressure... or begin scrapping too early in the day I can spend literally hours...snipping my papers into ever reducing pieces...huffing..puffing... running my hands through my hair...pouring yet another cuppa... procrastinating...telling myself I am over scrapbooking...I cant do it anymore... and so on...
I wish I could bottle those moments when my creativity peaks..and I morph into the scrapping wizard who can create magic in under 30 mins.

3.What are my fave things I love to create with at the moment? 
I have noticed that since I ran out of my previous 'signature white cardstock' I have been using pattern paper backgrounds a lot more and I like them. I also love small prints.. inks for splatters... paper blossoms...machine stitching...and speech bubbles.

4. How does my creative process work? 
I usually begin with a story  want to tell and a photo that illustrates it or relates to it. My next step will be to think about what I have in my stash that will help me tell the story. I might have a sticker sheet that fits the brief...or a pattern paper that will work well. I then use the colors from the product and the photo to begin my layout palette.

5.How do I become inspired and stay inspired? 
I am inspired by stumbling across an amazing layout in a gallery or on pinterest... that Oh WOW moment that just makes me feel like scrapping. I am also inspired by the funny things the kids say and do and the urge to make sure those moments are not forgotten. ANNNNNDDD....Im also inspired by pattern and colour ...this may sound random but I have been known to kick of a layout based solely on the way two papers looked together in my paper stash. I might just glance down and notice that gosh that plaid check looks frickin awesome with that soft rose pastel... or those bright orange thickers look sensational against that navy spot and yellow damask. Those are the moments inspiration hits.

6.What is my signature style?
I am never sure what Id call my style....but I often hear my work described as ecclectic... its usually a mix of random colours and patterns. I love contrasts.... so scrapping with a coordinating pack is a challenge for me its all too 'samey' ...I cant get the look I'm after from coordinates. I also love my layouts to be a bit on the shabby side...I don't line up... or cut neat...or measure..or worry if my alphas are crooked. I do love the page to be balanced though and without thinking usually work in threes.

 Now I get the chance to pass the banner on to a couple of girls that inspire me.... 

1. Yvette Adams (Look what I made) - a total sweetie...and a long time dear friend of mine stretching waaaaay back to the early days on my scrapbooking. I am so glad that throughout the years of our online friendship we did actually meet in person a few years ago at the @home retreat which was so special. Yvette not only scrapbooks gorgeous timeless layouts she is also a skilled dress-maker and somehow whips up amazing dresses...skirts and other garments in no time at all. I love that she often styles them and shares on her blog too. I also need to mention that Yvette is not only an avid reader but she has probably watched more movies and stage shows than anyone I know.

2. Janelle Wind (Janelle Wind) - one of my dearest friends...who is also an amazing and inspiring talent. Scrapbooking brought us together many years ago when Janelle and I met through Scrapboxx and became close friends. The designer and owner of "The Janelle Wind Collection" who creates the most amazing designs. Janelle is a perfectionist in every way...her eye for detail... her colour combinations..and her skill at writing an easy to read pattern are second to none. I also love Janelles "What I wore Wednesday posts" ...her recent home renovation posts...and her skill at embracing a new knitting hobby.

3. Kate Mason (Messy Miss Kate) - This beautiful such a sweetheart....and such a talented artist... no matter what she touches...I love it. Kate has such a style.. and she chooses the quirkiest subject matters which are right up my alley. I have a number of Kates prints framed throughout my home...and I adore them. The moment I met Kate... my heart just knew she was a special friend.. she has a warmth...kindness and compassion that is so very special. Kate blogs about her incredible art... her gorgeous as well as some wonderful health and lifestyle tips.

4. Please insert yourself and consider yourself tagged


  1. Hmmm... my comment doesn't seem to have displayed. I can't remember what I wrote before, but thank you again for the tag. I've enjoyed reading your post!

    1. It was a bit of fun hey.... and a kick to blog again too...Id been a little lazy in that department.

  2. Anonymous3:06 pm

    Oh you absolute sweetheart, I knew that same feeling when I met YOU for the first time. A special special old soul. Thanks my lovely, my blog post will be up tonight [probably at some crazy hour!]. xoxoxo

  3. Its all totally true.. xx