8 August 2014

What a whopper July was....
Here is a snapshot of our crazy month...

1. Worked my night shift on-call from home.
2. My birthday - Not only am I totally spoilt by family... but these exciting birthday club gifts arrived as well.
3. Prepping to teach a class for 'Relay for Life'
4. Watching Bella at Sports Day
5. Its tree planting day at Brent and Alexs (one poor tree didnt make it...the goat ate it)
6. Working on Sundays :(
7. Another gorgeous bithday club gift arrived today
8. Briony and Jarrad left on their cruise to Fiji
9. Working on my Memory Planner today.
10. Bella and Brooke scrapbooking with 'Jot Kids' inspiration
11. Scrapbooking - 'Jot Pockets' workshop
12. Breakfast club at Crocketts
13. Planning my week
14. Washing washing washing
15. Another gorgeous birthday club gift arrives
16. Busy busy in my scrap room
17. Briony and Jarrad arrive home from their cruise with big news - they are ENGAGED.
18. 3 munchkins raiding the biscuit tin after school
19. Gardening day - roses pruned...lemons picked
20. Poor Mitch is in the Emerg Dept tonight
21. Mitch admitted to hospital - so begins a week of hospital..tests and specialists again
22. Morning coffee and my sweet crochet coasters made by Tammy
23. Booka in her favourite spot
24. Afternoon sunshine
25. Bella drawing again...as usual
26. Scrapbooking for upcoming Jot themes
27. Engagement gift from Mario and Rosie our neighbours.
28. Creating for Jot
29. Choosing fabrics for my Mary Mary Quilt I hope to cut out soon.
30. Gracie wearing her adorable bear hat made by Sheree..
31. Pumpkin soup


  1. Life is wonderful when you stop and put it all in front of you like this isn't it. I'm sometimes overwhelmed in the throws of it tho. Full of highs and lows that's for sure. I do hope Mitch has answers and is feeling much better. On the up...exciting times ahead as you make memories in celebrating another wedding! X

    1. It truly is Lea....sometimes I look back and wonder how we squeezed it all in. Aren't we blessed with such rich lives...lucky us...
      Mardi x