12 August 2014

I love the Memory Planer style of recording our year.... its so do-able..
even when I procrastinate and don't know where to begin... it still comes together easily.
Its becoming quite a chunky album full of additional bits and pieces tucked inside.
(Oh and see that Silhouette cut word??.... I was a very spoilt birthday girl this year)

 I clipped in some extras this month.... a handmade card from Bella for my birthday as well as some of the other beautiful cards I received. I used a giant paperclip that the lovely Anna had given me for my birthday which hooked through the spine easily and held everything in place (nice and flat too) 

 ...and then as she flips the cover shut....she realises...its almost half way through August already..
time to get started on the next month.


  1. I love your planner Mardi! It's totally gorgeous!

    1. Thanks so much Beth.... I have to say thanks to you too....I used some of your free-printables (which are fabulous) in a little project I have been working on...many thanks xx