5 September 2014

Of all the the toys... entertainment....comfy chairs...and  places to sit
that we have at Nan and Pops...
this box has been a favourite this week.

I've been cleaning out..culling...and throwing away....
 but before this box made the recycling it was put to use as the TV watching spot of choice.


  1. So cute. I used to love boxes when I was little. Tassy STILL wants to hang on to boxes, not so much for climbing inside, but for crafting. I'm not a fan of her boxes lying around! They usually migrate to the garage and then into the bin... just quietly. :)

    1. Never underestimate the joy of a cardboard box haha...
      This one has migrated to the wheelie bin too...there is only so long I can look at it in the middle of the family room floor.
      Mardi xx