28 August 2014

So it happened....
our baby girl turned 21 !

It seems only yesterday she was born.. our little blonde blue eyed girl...
who has given us so much joy and pride.

She is kind..generous...hardworking and reliable..
she loves us all with every inch of her being..and we love her back.

So we threw a party...
Brent and Alex kindly provided the venue and the invites went out.

We had an amazing night...with family...and friends...
Kate all the way from Queensland was a huge surprise.
Obviously it was themed..
we all came dressed as something beginning with "B"

I have shared a few of the photos from the night...
obviously there were many many more..
but this is a little recap of her night.

We are SO very proud of our Briony Jane...
and cant wait to see what the next 21 years brings...
Love Mum and Dad xxxx


  1. Happy Birthday to Briony! it looks like a fantastic night! everyone looks great :)

  2. LOL, the Bat twins! Happy Birthday Briony!