My dear Grandma Lorna...

17 November 2014

I still remember the day in Athens a few weeks ago when I heard the news that Grandma had fallen and broken her hip. I was so sad that day.. 
being on the other side of the world just seemed so far away.

It was such a relief to arrive home and be able to visit her one last time... to talk to her... hold her hand..and kiss her goodbye.

Sadly Grandma Lorna passed away on 7th November 2014 at the age of  95

What lucky grandkids we were....
Grandma was always so proud of us all..
She took interest in everything we did...
and loved us all ... all 6 grandchildren... 15 great grandchildren and 3 great great grandchildren.
I have such fond memories of school holidays spent with her.

I loved that ... 
she taught me to knit...
let me stay up late..
had biscuit and cake tins full... particularly the pink iced honey biscuits..
let me have yoyo biscuits and a cup of tea for breakfast...
had a rambling garden full of vegetables and fruit to pick..
and the best mulberry tree to climb..
let us light fires and chop wood..
had a wardrobe on the verandah full of  dress up clothes...
took us to lawn bowls when she played and filled us up on soft drinks and afternoon tea...
would buy us a treat at the 'paper shop'...
packed the thermos and sandwiches and headed off to the local football every weekend..
kept us warm in winter with an endless supply of handknitted jumpers...
always had a cockatoo
had the biggest pile of phantom comics Id ever seen..
had a magnifying mirror on a stand that I loved..
had the deepest bath..
fascinated me with her ringer washing machine and blueo in the water...

I also loved that as time ticked on and I grew up and had kids of my own..
the "Holiday with Grandma Lorna" tradition was carried on by Brent.
He loved her...and she loved him...
They were both night owls ..happy to sleep in the next day...
She would let him chop firewood and wield the axe on the weeds..
she would also happily allow him to climb the ladder and clean the gutters on the roof..
she would cook his favourite foods..
and enabled his massive collection of plastic army men..
she took him along to bowls...
and to the footy..
and to the paper shop...
just as she had done with all of us in years gone by.
I cant help thinking how lucky they were...what a relationship to share with your great Grandmother.

(School days)

(Grandma on the left)

(with Dad)

(Grandma in the centre - with her family)

(wash day)

(With Grandpa Pete and Dad )

I feel happy knowing that Grandma and Grandpa are back together again after 35 years.. 
even though we sure are going to miss you here on earth..
love you Grandma Lorna..


  1. Anonymous10:27 am

    Oh I am so sorry for your loss but am glad that you find some peace knowing that your Grandma and Grandpa are back together now. [Beautiful, beautiful, post - your words made me remember, with tears, my own Gran (who passed nearly 7 years ago) and who I think about every day. Grans are a gift to the world, aren't they?]

    1. Thankyou Helen... its true isn't it... they really are a gift to the world. I hope my grandchildren have such fond memories of me in years to come. It was while I was jotting down the memories that I realised its the small things that have the greatest impact.
      Mardi x

  2. So Sorry to hear of your Grandma passing, but what a beautiful reflection of wonderful memories you have written..and so special that she was able to share times with your children. Made me think back to my times with my Nanna too...wardrobe on the back veranda with dress-ups, rambling garden full of goodies and so on...Grannie's are so now we are making those special memories with our own Grandies..Love n Hugs to you Mardi xx

    1. Thanks lovely Sue... I reckon my memories are pretty typical Aussie memories.. they all had those gardens and kitchens full of home baking hey.
      I will miss her that's for sure...but I have so many lovely memories that Im thankful for.
      Mardi x

  3. I'm so sorry to hear your news, Mardi. What wonderful memories you have of your Grandma!

    1. Thanks Kathie...I cant help thinking how lucky I am to have had her in my life for so long... and I do have some wonderful memories xx