.Stuck on You....The Loser gene..

9 January 2015

I had to chuckle when I saw this...
Just maybe there is a reason for my absent-mindedness...
...perhaps I have been infected by the "Loser Gene"

I constantly lose my phone... my keys...my i-pad... my glasses (don't mention losing glasses!! I've lost them at the MCG... in London...in Adelaide just the other day...argh) ..I've also lost my credit card... a wallet... jumpers...drink bottles... my favourite work lunchbox...and the list goes on.

So this advertising campaign by "Stuck on You" is pretty cool...
and I was relieved to know there was a cure...haha
You can take the "Loser Gene quiz" or see the treatment plan by clicking the image below.

Lucky for me ...I have some labels on the way..
some for me...and a giveaway for some of my 'widdle group of readers'... 
so if you would love to try the labels..
make sure to leave me a comment about your "loser" moments.

check out  "Stuck on You" for all their range of products..


  1. In Sept we drove 1300 km to Brisbane. Hubby lost the spare car keys some where between Brisbane and Toowoomba and his glasses at Wet and Wild

    1. Oh no Maria... that is seriously my kinda luck!!

    2. Hi Maria.... would you mind dropping me an email at winens5(at)bigpond(dot)com so that I can send you out a fabulous giveaway prize!!
      The labels are awesome..Alex and I have labelled all the girls bits and pieces ready for school...including their brand new shoes... it was all so easy)
      Have a super week...Mardi x

  2. Omg kids are such losers! You should see our lost property at school! So the kids and I are all losers. Thankfully, Grant is not and I must acknowledge how frustrating it is for him to live with a bunch of losers. Recently, during the Christmas crazy I lost my oroton sunnies-I think I left them in a change room. Mostly tho I lose keys and purse because apparently I don't have a regular put down spot for them. Ollie lost his wallet with $100 birthday money in it!!! Took it to Big W to buy something and put it down somewhere. On this occasion I just prayed it was found by someone who really needed it. Lulu constantly loses her blankie because she carts it around the house instead of leaving in her bed for bedtime only! But Bella is our biggest loser. During a rainy day at school they had inside lunch. She took off her shoes and when she put them back on she switched one with someone. Same foot, same size, same brand/style. I know! A few days later she realised that one shoe was worn and scuffed and the sole was starting to break in half. Her $90 school shoes were only a few weeks new! I told her to 'find that shoe!' No such luck! I made her stick it out with the worn shoe and for Christmas she got a new pair for her 'something you need'. (We do four gifts-something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read) I think I'll be forever remembered as the mother that gave her school shoes for Christmas! (It was actually Bella's suggestion..she's such a good kid Mardi, she recognised it was a costly mistake but I thought yep I'm going with school shoes for Christmas and of course she didn't mind one bit)

    1. Oh Lea...I loved reading every word. I almost cried for poor Ollie...and for sweet Bella with such a gracious and understanding soul. I love your honesty in your comment...and the way you teach your beautiful kiddos such strong values for life.
      "Not having a regular put down spot" is a very good point actually..I liked that thought.
      I am always frightened to admit when I lose something now...I am hopeless..and I frustrate myself...but I frustrate Ian so much more.
      I even have a reputation at work. One day I came into work and was confronted by an orange road beacon marker thingy on the bench...attached was a piece of tape trailing into my pigeon hole...at the end of the tape was my lost keys. The beacon had a big sign emblazoned on the front "Mardis Keys" ... yep..that's embarrassing!
      Much love..Mardi xx

    2. Sounds like a fantastic place to work Mardi! Great to have people looking out for you..laughing at you rather ;)

  3. Goodness that was a marathon wasn't it?! Hehe

    1. It was awesome....loved it. xx