Big Picture classes and Wilna - part 3 and 4

24 April 2015

Its a true story...
I've taken so long to finish my Wilna Furstenberg Art and Design workshop
 that the host Big Picture Classes has migrated to an entire new site! 
Luckily I have access to the old site so I can finish off my class because I am such stickler for finishing things.

I  truly do struggle with abandoning things once I start.... I wanted to watch each of Wilnas videos and try all of the techniques right to the end.

There were some layouts that just didn't work for me... and that's ok...
but I did learn a bucket load ... especially about my Silhouette and adding paint..
and as I have said before...I could listen to Wilna all day.

You can read me previous blog posts about this workshop HERE and HERE

So here are my layouts ....
totally Wilnas of course... with a little Mardi twist.

Lesson 3 - Patterns 

Lesson 4 - Contrast

So that is the last of my Wilna layouts.
I've enjoyed this class immensely as well as the added bonus of using up a stack of my older supplies.
Thank you Wilna for filling in many an afternoon over the last few months.


  1. Oh wow!! To my shame I've hardly been looking at blogs, but wow I've missed yours! I loved Wilna's and I too could listen to her voice and watch her scrap all day long!! I didn't actually scrap any layouts while watching the classes but just loved it all!! xxx

    1. Oh I know exactly what you mean Ali....I've been really terrible at keeping up with blogs too. Thanks so much for popping by and leaving me a lovely comment though. Wilna is such a comfort isn't she....her voice..her process... so calming.