Me on a Monday...

28 April 2015

Spurred on by my love of reading "Sians - Me on  Monday" posts....
I thought perhaps Id step out on a limb and record my own.
First thought was the usual... 'nothing exciting happened',... but really...the sheer fact it happened makes it exciting I guess.

It was a bright and early one.... Briony decided after working on her assignment all weekend...that she would keep working on it Sunday night and head home to Adelaide nice and early Monday morning.
She needed to be at Uni at 9am.... which meant a 5.30am start.
Poor baby didn't sleep much that night....she wrapped up her assignment after midnight and then struggled to sleep knowing she needed to be up and on the road.

I jumped out for a brief goodbye.... and then snuggled back into bed for an hour with my book.
I've just started "The Poisonwood bible"

Mondays is gym at 8.30 am.... I love that its over early in the day and I can skip around the rest of the day ...feeling all "Go Me!" ish.

I spent a lot of the weekend working on a couple of quilts Briony and I had begun quite some time ago... so today I began quilting Brionys for her... its large...and heavy....and so I stopped and started with it all day...but made pleasing progress.

I also scrapped a layout ...for an upcoming Jot Mood board challenge... a new month is almost here..eek.

I shopped for a few necessities... we were out of dish-washing liquid...deodorant...after-school biscuits (their favourite scotch fingers) and fruit.

Then after school Lex dropped off the kidlets while she headed to work.... and we entertained until Daddy picked them up.
I took out my camera....and asked the girls a series of questions....I had long wanted to make a bit of a favourites type layout for them...something I could repeat each year like I had done for my own kids.
It seemed as good a time as any...
Do you know... Brookes favourite food is ...
"Punkin soup wib beans on toast"


  1. Hi Mardi! It's lovely to be giving you a wave and wishing you a good week :)

    I'm smiling about the 8.30 gym on a Monday. My Pilates class is at 8.30 in the evening on a Monday, and every week I haul myself out wishing I could find an earlier one. Yes, you're right: twelve hours earlier would be good

    1. Oh that's SO late ... I am usually in my PJs by 8.30pm.
      It was lovely joining in... and actually taking the time to stop and think about my Monday....
      Have a wonderful week...Mardi x

  2. It sounds like a rather busy Monday after all, boy have your grandkids grown!

    1. I know Jen.... they have grown WAY TOO fast!! xx