H O M E - D.I.Y

9 April 2015

 Finally I got around to a little D.I.Y project I had been wanting to do.

I was  thrilled when Meg and Mitch gifted me one of the white string balloons that her parents Jenny and Greg had made for their wedding.
They had looked so beautiful as we entered the reception..  and every time I see them now I am reminded of Mitch and Megs amazing day.

How beautiful does this look?
This was the view as we walked through the door.... stunning!

So for quite some time I had my string balloon hanging around.... I really needed to put it to use.

I eventually rigged up a pendant cord...forced the globe gently through the strings...
and turned the family room light into a gorgeous pendant light with beautiful memories attached.
The light it throws on the walls and ceilings at night is so pretty.... I love it.

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