Vintage fabric square swap ?

8 May 2015

You may recall back in 2011 I hosted a Vintage fabric square swap.....
You can read all the details of that here.
I then floated the idea again in 2013 but didn't actually get around to it.

I have been thinking for awhile about hosting it again.
I would LOVE to make my bubbas some quilts all of their own... and there are no quilts more beautiful than those made from a gorgeous mix of swapped squares.

So would anyone be interested in a swap again????
and would you be happy with 6" ?
( I have a friend who cut a pile of squares in anticipation last time I floated the idea and they are 6")

Please just leave me a message if you are interested so I can see if its worthwhile or not.


  1. I'm in and so is a friend đŸ˜„