May - a review

14 June 2015

Back on track with my monthly reviews...
Here is our May..

A visit from Grumps and Granny as they began their travels...and the chance for Mum and I to spend Mothers Day together this year.

Mothers Day lunch at the Cobby club.... Bella and Brooke love to dance as Andrew Kemp entertains us through lunch. He so kindly plays their requests....including Katy Perry...and Bananas in Pajamas...and he thanks "his dancing girls".

Lovely Dee gifted me a lightbox... its already been a source of some interesting signs.

One day at work we ended up miles out in a National Park... 
I cant help thinking how much I love red dirt.

The rotten head cold spread its way through our house...I spent two days on the couch with tissues and butter menthols... and 4 seasons of Downton Abbey.

My fitness mission continues....other than the week of my cold I haven't missed a session.

The lizard is back in the garden.... this makes me happy.

I began cutting fabric squares and offered a chance to swap....I am excited to have a few takers.

I finished another now after school we have three chairs lined up...and each has their own quilt to snuggle under.

Jarrad won the Apprentice of the Year at the MTA Awards in Adelaide.... we are SO proud of him.

Grandpa and Grandma visited for a weekend.... Brayden loved Grandmas attention.

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