Jot Kids - Lego challenge..

2 July 2015

There was a little bit of excitement here when the new July holiday "Jot Kids challenge" was announced...because it is all about Lego.
As I explained to Kim and Lauren... the Lego here at 'Nans' is all quite old... it belonged to their Dads...Uncle and Aunty... it means they need to use their imagination a little the pieces are limited and a lot of it is de-constructed a little more than it should be!
That is the beauty of Lego though.... it never dates... and there was hours spent searching through the pieces making their creations.
I loved the occasional squeals of delight as they found a piece they were searching for.

Here is Bella deep in concentration....mulling her design.

...and Brooke getting a little  help with her layout about her creation. Those alpha stickers can be a bit tricky for little hands.

.....and the finished masterpieces...

We would love you to play along....
The entries will close on August 1st...
and there is a prize to be won.

if you get a chance... please send Jot Girl Lauren some love for all the work she has done too.

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