Build-A-Bear Workshop

9 January 2016

This year for Christmas we gave the girls a 'Build-A-Bear Workshop' voucher each.
It was the gift of a wonderful experience.

We made a date in the week after Christmas and headed to Adelaide for a girls day out.
They were so excited about getting started.

First task was to choose a bear...and that was NOT simple by any means.
They took their time.. changed their minds a few times before settling on their chosen ones.
We were not surprised in the least by their final choices...
Miss Bells chose a tiger
and Miss Chook a pink teddy.

Step two was helping to fill it with stuffing.
They each had stand on the foot pedal as their bears were filled.
Then it was time for the heart ceremony.
They made a wish....
kissed the heart and tucked it away inside their bears before they were stitched up and complete.

Step three was a little 'wash' ... brush and blow dry.
Then they chose an outfit (or two) for each of their bears including shoes.
They both were decked out in princess dresses and shoes with lots of sparkle.
Plus a pair of comfy Pajamas to sleep in.

Once the enormous job of choosing clothes was complete they created their birth certificates and gave them names.
Miss Bells named her tiger - 'STRIPES'
Miss Chook named her pink bear 'LUCY'

 They were both so happy with their bears...
and the experience was one they will remember for a very long time. 


  1. oh my what a wonderful gift :) id love that job, seeing the children so happy :)

    1. It was a wonderful few hours Jen.... the kids faces and excitement made the trip to Adelaide well and truly worth it.
      (So lovely to hear from you....I hope all is well..xx)