Kids crafting - Making our own colouring pages...

19 January 2016

The girls and I love crafting ...
Its our favourite thing to do. Sometimes its just as simple as drawing with textas...

So last week we planned a craft date ...but it was a crazy kind of week..
I knew I was going to struggle with anything on a mammoth scale.
Thankfully Pinterest came to the rescue and I came across this awesome little tutorial !
First step was to create our own colouring pages from a chosen photo. The tutorial was easy to follow and the results were brilliant. In fact they were so good I loved them exactly as they were.

We then followed the idea to add watercolour hair using watery paint and a straw.
Miss Bells embraced the idea... she loved blowing herself a colourful hairstyle.
Miss Chook on the other hand couldn't deal with the messiness of the paint. It was too uncontrolled for her so we blotted it up and she coloured hers in beautifully with colour pencils instead.

What a beautiful job she did too.
 I love that they both have such unique and opposing shines out through everything they do... from what they how they play and the art they create.


  1. I think this is a genius idea. I can see lots of ways to use teenager daughter made photo books for friends for Christmas but I bet colouring pages would have gone down a treat . I'll have to tell her

    1. The tutorial is a ripper easy to follow and uses an online editing program which anyone can access. I loved hearing that your daughter spent time handmaking gifts..they are always the most special and thoughtful type.

  2. How clever. They look awesome Mardi. Worthy of being framed. You're so good with your grandies.

    1. I thought the same...the girls would love them on their walls at home too.
      We might surprise Mummy with a little gift I think.
      Mardi x