Memorandum Monday - Distance and Technology

18 January 2016

In the spirit of my inquisitive year..
 (which I didn't realise I was having until page 237 or 'Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert')

I am going to join in with this brilliant new prompt Memorandum Monday 
by one of my favourite bloggers- Sian ('From High in the Sky') .

So what I learnt this week..
(other than how far away Indonesia is when you are missing your child)

Green bread ??... who would have thought...

I learnt... that it is actually possible to make a phone-call through Facebook Messenger.
I had been typing messages back and forth to my girl during the day via Messenger..
but I had no idea that we could actually speak to each other.
Imagine my sheer delight and surprise when the phone rang...
and we were speaking...Jakarta to South Australia as clear as we are in the same room!
(I may just be the only person in the world that didn't realise it was possible.. but there you go.)


  1. Green bread?! My Dad used to tell me there was such a thing as a pink banana. I never knew whether to believe him or not..

    I'm so glad you got to talk to your girl. What a great start to the week.

    Oh, and thank you :)

    1. I know! Green Bread...I cant wait for my girl to be home safely so I can ask about it. I recall being told by my husbands family that they made Yam this day I don't know if its a joke or not. I really like the Memorandum Monday prompt...its nice to reflect back on the week in this way.
      Mardi x

  2. Green Bread? Pink Banana? My Grandad used to grow Orange Tomatoes. I couldn't eat them......they weren't red!!
    Messenger is great Mardi. My son and daughter-in-law have been honeymooning for 6 1/2 weeks in America. We have kept in touch EVERY day thru messages and the occasional messenger phone call. It's been awesome. I feel like I've travelled with them and they have loved the contact from home. They've been back 2 weeks now and we haven't spoken for quite a few days. Hahaha. I missed them terribly and just needed to know they were ok all the time. xx

    1. I know what you mean about odd coloured food... how true that we eat with out eyes!
      Truly...Messenger phone was a godsend...I was so worried about the happenings to be able to chat in person was the best thing ever. I can imagine 6 1/2 weeks would have been a LONG time if it weren't for the constant contact through social media. How lucky are we to have it at our fingertips. It makes the world seem smaller somehow. Im glad you have your family home again safely xx

    2. Thankyou. xxx