Memorandum Monday - Fiddle leaf fig

29 February 2016

I have wanted one from the moment they started popping up in my Instagram feeds.
So striking.. eye catching....swishy.
but also expensive...ouch!

I am not exactly what you call 'good with plants' ... when green thumbs were handed out I was missing.
My attempts at indoor plant keeping have been hit and miss...  and in all honesty there have been a lot more miss than hit.

However just of late I have been trying a little harder... I have increased my indoor plant tally to 10 and slowly I am trying to remember to water...not too much.... not too little.
I'm shuffling pots around... trying to find their favourite spots.
I'm even googling to see why leaves are browning or branches are falling off 
(yep... its not been plain sailing just yet)

Then this week at Stratco I bought my very first Fiddle Leaf....
It was affordable...and I couldn't resist.

What I learned is that these gorgeous indoor plants....if grown outdoors can grow to 30mts!!
Luckily mine is contained in a neat little pot and if I can keep it alive... it will fill a corner of the family room perfectly.

So that's my memo on this Monday... once again I am linking with Sian at 'From High in the Sky' ...
a wonderful chance to learn a thing or two,

Oh and if you want inspiration....or an overload of indoor plant eye candy make a cuppa and visit


  1. Good luck with your indoor plant!! I know exactly what you mean....I killed a mother-in-laws tongue....which people tell me is impossible!! I wish you all the best in growing a beautiful healthy Fiddle Fig!!

    1. Thanks Sue.... had to giggle at the demise of your Mother-in-laws tongue..I have one of those too... I almost drowned it so Ian has it outdoors under resus!
      I really hope I can nurture this fig better.
      M x

  2. Best of luck with it! I'm hopeless with plants. When we had goldfish we used to water the plants with the water from the tank because it was full of nutrients and that worked well. Then the goldfish died..

    Have a great week Mardi

    1. Join the club Sian. I posted a photo of my fig on Instagram with a similar comment regarding my lack of indoor plant skill and it got a lot of comments. What I discovered was ...if I divided everyone into two groups.... plant skilled and plant skill deficient...the poor person with the plant skills would be very lonely.
      I do like the idea of watering with the goldfish water though...perhaps our turtle water would do the same?

  3. Good luck with your plant - I think the key to any indoor plant is not to over water. I cannot have any indoor plants because my two fur girls (cats) attack. Happy week ahead.

    1. I did wonder that... I was so scared of drying them out I was watering a lot.... I have cut it back and only water when they really dry... I have fingers crossed.
      I did buy one plant for the kitchen shelving from Kmart which even your fur girls might leave alone... its a very realistic plastic succulent. I guess if all else fails Ill still have one plant..haha