Memorandum Monday - Sentimentalists vs Minimalists

22 February 2016

I have always wished I were a minimalist.
There is something so exciting about living freely with nothing holding us down.
In fact ...the times in my life that I am the happiest are when I am travelling...or camping...or holidaying and don't have that clutter weighing me down. (my husband counter-argues that idea...he says they are also the times I'm not working..juggling or stuck in groundhog day..but I stick to my guns...I think having less stuff makes me happier.)

There is a problem though.
I am a sentimentalist.
I find it almost impossible to let go of anything that holds a memory from the past.
I keep old school journals.. old and the list goes on.
I long to be like my friend Donna who has a home with every single thing in its clutter.. no moments of "ummmm where the hell did I put that"

What I am thinking though is...
maybe it IS possible for a sentimentalist to be minimalist!
(if they keep working toward it!)

I began last year....
which kick started an entire new view on my need to de-clutter.
You can read about that adventure here.
but it stalled for awhile... other things took precedence.

However... this last few weeks...
Whoah...I have been on a mission..if no-one wants it...and I have no need for it...
I put it in the box for the Op-shop and its out the door.
It feels good... I truly think I can do this.

I do not need to keep every single piece of china or every single old book...
I can still keep a few things that bring memories alive and make me happy without having overflowing cupboards and boxes of storage.

If you are interested and have a couple of minutes to spare...I found these blog posts interesting.

and one post I found very inspiring..

My Family Sold Everything, Lived out of Our Car, and Discovered the Joy of Minimalism - nourishing minimalism.

I'm back on track again this week...linking in with Sian at "From High in the Sky"


  1. Love this post Mardi I've struggled with the same thing. I'm trying hard to be minimal. Look forward to hearing more of your journey. Xxoo

    1. It harder when the kids are younger I think ..its certainly been easier for me now that the kids have all flown the coop. I am not sure I will ever be be too minimal on photos or wall prints...I still love colour and personality but the big differences are inside my cupboards and I have even parted with 3 storage pieces that I no longer needed....ahhh the extra space feels good. Good luck Mel...we often share similar paths...dreams and ideals.
      Mardi x

  2. This post really spoke to me. I am a sentimentalist and I do keep lots of stuff; but I had never before connected my love of travelling with the idea that it might be partly because I was leaving all this stuff behind. I wonder..Mardi, you have really given me something to think about x

    1. I have this reoccurring daydream over and over....I live in a Winnebago near the beach and I work in a cafe in town for a hours each day. I am free to walk the beach at night and I sleep with my windows open and can hear the ocean. My husband crashes me back to ground and asks all the tough 'big people' questions like "and exactly how long before you would be sick of this?" and "Wont you miss the kids?" and "So... you don't want anymore overseas holidays?"
      I know its not entirely realistic but if I had less 'stuff' I believe life would be simpler ..more affordable and the simple things more precious.

  3. I love your reoccurring daydream!!! too....I have many moments when I say to DH...wish we had a Combi and could just drive, pull in where ever we fancy, stay a little and watch the waves coming in. But he bursts my bubble with "how would you survive without all your stuff?" LOL!! He may just be surprised if he let me try it!!

    1. Oh Sue.... peas in a pod! Wouldn't it be amazing to at least give the daydream a go.