Currently #2

8 March 2016

Currently #2

Thankful for - a surge of energy and the satisfying amount of jobs I have ticked off at home. Including sparkling windows.

Reading - Kristin Hannahs 'The Nightingale' Im dragging it out....hoping it never ends.

Watching - or should I say watched... the final season of Downton Abbey...omgosh I loved that show. So sad its over. How will I live without Violets wise cracks and Marys voice which I have a  secret 'voice crush' on.

Listening -  This beautiful song by Kelly Clarkson (on a side note...did you happen to see her performance on American Idol

Podcasts - Have been loving the 'She makes magic' podcast series. 

Inspired by - Kate Mason. This girl blows me away.

Wearing - a brand new pair of slouchy and comfy cotton leopard print pants teamed with a plain black top.

Making - Skirts for the girls... cost $1.50

Paper crafting - Mood board layouts for Jot and Kraft+

Focused on - but haven't yet out and re-folding items in my wardrobe. Konmari style of course. I converted to this way of folding about a year ago and have never looked back.

Hoping to - get back to the gym and yoga....I've naughtily put scheduled exercise on hold for a few months while I've been on my crazy frenzied tidying spree at home. 

Planning - Blog posts...getting the bones of some posts together.

Learning - Reading lots about dyeing fabric... not sure where I'm heading...but I love it.

Wishing - my holiday would come quicker.


  1. I just finished The Nightingale - it was a wonderful read & I am sure I will re-read at some point. I am sad that Downton Abbey is done but thankfully Edith (my favourite) had a happy ending. I want to know about Spratt's column & advice. Maybe Downton will be like the Forysth Saga (Damian Lewis version) & develop a sequel of the younger generation. Ummm - Hello Julian, my old friend ....

    1. Oooh I do believe we have similar tastes. I almost mourn the end of a good book or a good leaves a hole that I never know how to fill for a time. I see you mentioned the Forsyte saga..I think I need to look into that! (A quick google search confirmed that yes! I best add that to me 'need to watch' list.)