Maths -Jot Mag #13

9 March 2016

I am putting it out there....
this is probably my most favourite of all the layouts that I contributed for Jot Magazine issue 13
and the funny this is ... it happened as the result of a total accident.
I had a plan.... I could see the entire layout in my head...but it just wouldn't work!!
I tried everything... fussed over it...persevered for far too long...then finally in frustration 
I chopped it all up! if a miracle occurred... lo and fell into place and I loved it.


  1. I like when inspiration comes like a bolt. I have had one or two layouts just lay on the desk for weeks, just never finished enough but no ideas sparking, the bazinga, I have just the perfect embellishment in the stash. Oh I would like Maths to be fun ...

    1. Do you ever notice the more you force a layout or an idea...the less successful it is. This was exactly that. Oh and for the record...Maths is no fun for me whatsoever either.