Memorandum Monday - the garden

19 April 2016

I missed a Memorandum Monday last week.... work..a weekend away and a lack of words seemed to get in the way.
I was determined to join in again this week with Sian and the other Memorandum Mondayers....but look at the day.... its Tuesday already....where did Monday go?

There is no denying....I have let my vegetable patch turn into a terrible mess. Its about the only part of the garden I can lay any claim too... hubby does a fantastic job of the rest...and in all honesty I think he may have inherited his Mums green thumb.
Me on the other hand....I love THE thought of gardening.... but not so much the doing.

My dream is to have a wonderful veggie patch... with seasonal herbs and veggies always on hand...and I had managed to get a little collection of perennial type plants that were doing quite well...albeit in among a tangle of weeds.

My beets...silverbeet....basil and parsley were going well.... alas was the lawn runners that were tangling through it all.

So as I headed off to work on Saturday ...hubby mentioned he was going to attack the yard...we had trees to be trimmed and I mentioned off hand...and not specifically enough perhaps... that he could "clear out that veggie patch"

Let me say.... he did a sensational job of trimming back our fact I think we gained some extra metres in the yard. It was all so beautiful and longer an overgrown jungle out there.

Then I noticed my veggie patch... and if I could turn back the clock I would be far more diplomatic and not so reactive.... but I was a bit shocked to see it leveled to the ground...raked flat...including my newly emerging beets I hadn't picked...and my beautiful bunches of silverbeet.

I am not proud of my tantrum...and he did have a point.... I DID say "clear it out!" I sulked too long... and he was right "whats done is done!" 
Its true..I could have been more gracious when he arrived home with replacement plants...or I could have smiled when he tried to make light of it. I just needed some time grieve my loss... and move on... and finally I was able to admit.. the garden will be fine... it did need a freshen up...and plants regrow.


  1. Oh my, what to say. That is the good thing about plants & gardening, they do grow, although I will confess I take it very personally when they do not. I know that if any part of my gardens had been leveled I would have done a kangaroo impersonation - hopping mad! Take away lesson? Men take things too literal (lol) (sorry not funny about your garden).

    1. Yep that was me.... one big angry kangaroo! haha.. have a great week.

  2. Aw, such a shame though! I'm not surprised the shock gave you a wobble. I'm sure I would have felt the same way. Onwards and upwards, eh? I hope the rest of the week is a good one

    1. Oh I love that word Sian... it did give me quite a wobble. You have a wonderful week too.