Currently #5

20 April 2016

Currently #5

Thankful for - these beautiful autumn skies ... sunshine.

Reading - I am Pilgrim - Terry Hayes.... I borrowed the eBook online from the library after a recommendation by a lovely friend.

Watching - Married at first sight and Seven year switch. (I am a reality tragic)

Listening - a 70s hits compilation on CD in the ambulance at work.

Podcasts - Loved the latest Roundtable Paperclipping with Jot girl Meghann and the beautiful Wilna.

Inspired by - Jo Whitton of Quirky Cooking and her GUT health program. I read about this subject almost every day....I know I would benefit but I keep putting it off.

Wearing - Pjs and socks.

Making - Map cushions for a custom order. I haven't stitched anything for Dudley and Grace in a long time...and to be honest I didn't think I would. However I had a local request for 4 cushions to be given as gifts to some exchange student host families...and I just loved that I heard myself saying YES.

Paper crafting - Jot projects -  I am waiting for my last Hip Kit Club kit to I am holding off starting and instead... waiting for beautiful new product.

Focused on - My clothes / what to pack / what I need / what goes with what for our upcoming trip OS.

Hoping to - make a visit to a dear friend today ...I want to take her something special.

Planning - On creating art canvases with the girlies today. Its holidays and they love crafting.

Learning - Mindfulness Meditation

Wishing - I didn't stress so much ... wishing calm was my default....wishing my mind had a 'stop' button.

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