23 November 2016

I am sneaking in here ...feeling like my poor neglected blog wont even recognise me.
I have a really good excuse though.... truly I do....

My last baby is getting married in a short few months and we have been very busy with  wedding plans and D.I.Ys.

Its right up my alley... any excuse to give something a go. I mean... buying more supplies all in the name of wedding experimentation ...thats totally acceptable right?

Its typical with crafting though.... one thing leads to another... windows of opportunity open up..and before you know it you find yourself off on a huge big tangent creating something entirely unrelated... just for the sheer fun of it.

So thats what happened with this little adventure....and I just may have stumbled upon something I love more than I even imagined....just by knotting a couple of ropes.

...and then when I ran out of rope....I found some string....
this little tutorial was a sweetie.

 I am pretty sure this may just be the beginning of fair dinkum macrame love.

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  1. Oh I do like a wedding - what exciting times. Macrame looks difficult, although most of my attempts at crocheting look like macrame ... I will say no more about that.

    Glad everyone is ok after that fierce storm. I always feel so bad when the old trees get uprooted with the high winds.