S T O R M - 11/11/16

16 November 2016

Our poor little town / and region was hit by a big storm on Friday night... not only was there huge hail but also some fierce damaging winds in places. Trees were scattered everywhere..homes and businesses were damaged both by the wind and also the flooding caused by hail. The worst hit were and the rural grape and fruit growers in this area....some areas lost 100% of their crops and rows upon rows of vines just fell over.

Thankfully our family fared well... we had some minor flooding through our back windows which was easily soaked up with towels... and carpet dries.
Brent and Alex copped the worst....they lost 3 or so trees..including one precariously on their power line. They also lost their back and side fence... a part of their pergola and the chook shed roof. To top it off...their car was hail damaged.

Speaking with Mum today I thought it was quite ridiculous that it had basically not even made the news. It seems if you don't live in that golden metro circle you barely exist.

I didn't take a lot of photos...but here are a few....

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