Jot Mood Board February 2017

5 February 2017

This months February Jot mood board was collated together by Amanda... and I just adored it.
The colours were right up my alley...and the pink tones teamed with the beautiful florals was perfect for wedding photos....and I have PLENTY of those!

I am going to be honest here about how this layout came together because its my new Blog motto.

I had no idea where to begin.... so I just grabbed a pile of florals... made a photo stack and added them to the looked pretty good....I was chuffed. 
Next I added in some watercolour...yep...happy happy!! 
Then I decided on some rub-ons... I was nervous...Mardi and rub-ons don't share a good history...and yep! you guessed it...they didnt rub off looked terrible!
I added some paper strips and random embellishments to cover the failures... but it wasn't the same...I was sad..defeated...and so I turned off the light and went grocery shopping.

Fast forward a few hours....  I look at it again.... and low and behold ..I've decided...its fine after all!
Move on Mardi !

I know that everyone at Jot would be over the moon if you played along.... below is the mood board if you are tempted to give it a go.


  1. Lovely layout and photo. Congratulations to Briony

  2. Looks fab. It's amazing how a little time away from a layout makes your see it with fresh eyes. Congats on the wedding of your daughter.

    1. Thankyou Natalie... it was a very special day x

  3. Love this !! but i love all your layouts

    1. Gosh thankyou Jane...thats so kind of you x