L I S T - L O V E # 2

6 February 2017

It may sound ridiculous.... but just having my list 'out there'has made me feel more accountable... and motivated toward ticking them off.

Just this week I have finished off or started...
  1. My December Daily album complete
  2. Began a new Netflix Series - Narcos
  3. Read a book - Fiona McCallum - Saving Grace and started another.
  4. Watched Minimalism on Netflix
  5. Meal planning back on track
  6. Put in an order to 'The Adelaide Yarn Company'
  7. Cleaned out my email inbox of literally 100's of emails...and unsubscribed to over 80.
  8. Completed a couple of Jot projects
So this week my focus is....
  1. Finish of my 2016 Project Life album
  2. Get the bones of my 2017 Project Life album together. Including printing out some cards in preparation.
  3. Email all the wedding guests their group family photo.
  4. Cook up a batch of Butter Chicken for the freezer - (so handy for night shift meals.)
    The meals planned for this week will revolve around the abundance of kale and herbs I have in the garden.... I need to begin eating it faster than the caterpillars who are doing a pretty good job on the kale at this stage.

    1. Kale chips for the kids after school tonight... they love green chips.
    2. Healthy fried rice with Kale, Garlic and Chilli - Jessica Sepel
    3. Healthy Chicken Pesto Pasta also Jessica Sepel
    4. Crunchy Carrot , Avocado and Pepita Salad - Jessica Sepel with BBQ 
    5. Butter Chicken - Quirky Cooking.
    Thats is folks.... keeping it simple... healthy and planned this week.


    1. Simple is becoming my call of & for any situation. I have tried, really tried, to like kale in any form, but alas it is not one that I enjoy. Now spinach I could eat steamed, stir fried, raw & I put into my smoothie every time. Cheering you on as you work through your list ... I now must go sort photos so I can check off one item on the The List. Happy week ahead.

      1. I agree...simple works the best every time. Kale is a funny thing...I honestly love it ...especially as kale chips. My hubby not so much though. I am not sure why the one thing that has grown prolifically in the garden had to be the thing we eat the last of though...haha Good luck with your list and have a wonderful week. x