Macrame - its taken over my life...

17 June 2017

Macrame ... macrame.... 
You 'snuck' (is that an actual word?) into my life....and now...not a day goes by when I'm not thinking about you....I'm hooked. 

But what do I do with so many pieces? My Eldest made the comment that I'm covering the house in 'webs'...and when I stand and look around..maybe he is right.

The trouble is that for a creative mind the possibilities are endless....  with just a few simple knots.... you can create the simplest of simple.... or the most intricate of designs. They can be long and slender.... short and fringy... full of details... soft and whimsical or angular and abstract.... and right at this moment I love them all.

I have been flooding my Instagram with photos of my progress...and new designs... probably driving everyone mad.
I hope to add more to my Etsy store Dudley and Grace  over time as well...oh and speaking of my Etsy store.... Im still devastated by the incident that incurred me two scathing feedback reviews. Even though it took me 2 years to get over the 'shame and disappointment' before feeling I could step back into the Etsy arena....I still have to read those two comments each and every time....because the 50+ positive comments apparently don't count when it comes to the Etsy algorithm. Live and learn.... keep it real... and so on.... trying to just let it go....

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