No Resolutions 2018 -

11 January 2018

I'm not one for New Years Resolutions....  I inevitably fail...then berate myself for the rest of the year.

So I would much rather make a list of my intentions....and then just stop the stress and see how I go.
 I did the same last year... ( you can see what was important to me then HERE ) what is on my intention list for this year you ask? ... oh and I've gone all fancy and categorised them too...

Life -
  • Travel...always near the top
  • Catch up with family
  • Create some 'SPACE' in my home..but mainly in my schedule.

Simply Mardi Macrame -
  • This one is simple... create for my own pace
  • Run another beginner class... and perhaps some 'come and tie knots together' type of evenings.
  • Make a statement piece for our lounge room.
  • Get some of the ideas out of my head and onto the driftwood.
  • Collect more driftwood... which means a trip to the beach..YAY!
Memory Keeping -
  • Continue with my Project Life album in 6x8 format
  • Record more of the everyday candid moments..
  • Use my stash....perhaps Ill enforce a 6 month spending freeze.. other than reusables...lets be stamps and printables are always handy. 
  • Start a Suse Fish 'Scraptherapy' style album just for fun.
  • Continue to Blog
  • NOTE:  Last year I intended to make a slideshow of BandJs wedding... yeah...that didnt happen...I'd still love to make it. On that note...I still want to create photo-books of MandM and BandJs weddings... its sad...but making photo-books just seems too overwhelming to me.
Health and Wellness -
  • Be regular at the gym ... and up my exercise in general.
  • Keep up my JERF diet... and pay more attention to ridding it of dairy.
  • Continue my search for natural alternatives to our personal / cleaning products. (On that note I am so happy with the progress in this area throughout 2017)
  • Explore the world of DoTERRA essential oils...and the health benefits and well as the chance to rid our home of even more chemicals by switching to essential oil based products.
Home - 
  • Continue to de-clutter and create space
  • Find and buy a teak buffet for the lounge.. its on my 'want bad list'
  • Keep my plants alive
Style - 
  • Attempt a capsule wardrobe with more bias toward natural and handmade

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