Scrapbooking for fun - Oh happy day

30 January 2018

Hello ... good morning...
I'm just popping in to share a recent layout....and to say I'm pretty chuffed with my memory keeping efforts up to date this year. One of my wishes this year was to record more and stop procrastinating so much....and I know its early in the year...but I'm quietly cheering here at my efforts thus far.

The added bonus of scrapping more frequently is that the stories are fresh...  you can tell them as they happen. Another tip -  if the photos aren't ideal quality they are easily converted to black and white which crisps them up... then if you print two smaller ones instead of a large you barely notice the quality.


  1. Anonymous10:39 am

    I love to see all of your pages but especially ones where you are scrapping for the simple fun of it. I miss my scrapping days and have spent so much time trying to my PL super good that I have about 5 years of started albums. I need to take a leaf out of your book and just start recording memories. xx

    1. Oh Janelle... thats such a trap...and I have done the same from time to time.... I honestly try now to not stress it.. Id much rather just get it recorded simply than not at all. I also know that the kids don't notice if the page is perfectly embellished or if its just a simple photo and some journaling...they just love the stories and photos. I hope you can make a slot of time to finish off some just for the memories. I will be cheering you on.... please make a start.